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Our R&D lab is part of ItzWood global strategy to raise awareness on high-end integrated wood products. Our research and development activities focus on the study of wood properties and production processes to enable overall technology integration such as lightening, audio and communication.


Mass production and mass customization are both manufacturing options at ItzWood than can help clients to offer competitive solutions in the market. ItzWood is organized with several production centers, ready to integrate multiple materials and technologies.

ItzWood is equipped with state of the art machinery including 5 axes CNC.


Unique pieces deserve unique attention. At ItzWood, skilled workers are used to work with all kind of challenging projects. Whether you need custom-made development, or if you need advice on what are the best solutions according to your project’s specifications, ItzWood will help you transform your idea into a real product.


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At ItzWood we provide wood-based products. It’s a B2B project where clients can expect to have a product supplier, but also a development partner fully committed to help find manufacturing solutions to any challenge that may arise. All projects are developed under strict confidentiality. ItzWood is also experienced in collaborative projects involving multiple research and industrial partners.

Carefully selected wood

For any project, wood is carefully selected in what relates to grain pattern and tone.

Products that require a continuous look go through a specific wood selection process (from the same log).



Wood Finishing

ItzWood is equipped with several painting and finishing cabins. We can accomplish rough textures or very smooth, polished wood finishes, bright or dark colours, deep wood tones - whatever the design (and designer) requires. We create custom finish samples for every project. There is no limitation to the custom wood finishes we can produce, starting with clear lacquer on natural wood. Our distressed finishes are made to give an authentic impression of age and frequent use. 

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